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Fairy Tail Chapter 402 - Short Review

This Fairy Tail chapter is fairly disappointing compared to the hype we got recently. Acnologia vs Igneel just got thrown to the back for another bullshit fight between Erza and Kyouka. Kyouka activated FACE but we all know that FACE isn’t actually going to go off, someone (probably Jellal and the Oracion Seis) is gonna stop them. We also know the Kyouka is going to lose to Erza in some way.

The better part of this chapter was more hints towards Natsu and E.N.D. being related some how. The fight between Mard Geer and Natsu, looks cool (what happened to Sting and Rouge?) but probably will be dragged out.

So pretty okay chapter - 7/10

I just finished watching the episode of Hunter X Hunter where Kurapika kills Uvo of the Phantom Troupe; it was intense. :O Who's your favorite character in the series, and which power do you like the best?

That’s my favorite fight in the series, Kurapikaaa is a great character. My favorite character is Hisoka, I love him so much (and his theme is amazing), it’s kinda upsetting later on in the series when he doesn’t have that big of a role.

My favorite powers are the Jajanken and Bungee gum. If you don’t know what the first one is you’ll figure it out later (=

Swimming the relay connected us. So even if we end up walking different paths, we’ll always be connected to each other. There won’t be an end for us.


Aaktsuki + Behind the Name 



route 20 i think…


Pokémon Reorchestrated: Hoenn Summer is now available!

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Let there be trumpets! “Hoenn Summer” is a mini-album of orchestrated music from the beloved Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire soundtrack composed by Go Ichinose, Morikazu Aoki, and Jun’ichi Masuda. Featuring the talents of Braxton Burks (Lead Arranger, “Kanto Symphony”) Kristin Naigus (Guest Arranger, English Horn) and Michael Fee (Trumpet), you’ll be transported back to your childhood days of roaming the tropical and scenic Hoenn region with some of Ruby & Sapphire’s best route, town, and battle themes!

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